In The Footprints of Ancients

Travels through the Tidym Jungle

Where the hills are hard as stone.

jungle diagram

Day One

After leaving the Avalon Monastery, I began my first real exploration into the Tidym Jungle proper. Travelling with Tobias, a peculiar boy of 13 with his pet snake Reshi; Gromnyar, a Dwarven stonemason who had just finished repairs on the monastery; and El Kool, a half-orc healer who I’ve been in contact with over a few months; we came upon a small village by the name of Zikert.

Toby & Reshi Gromnyar El Kool

Initially, Zikert appeared very sparcely populated until we later discovered their nocturnal activity pattern. A little wonky if you ask me.. We spoke with the chieftain of the village, who informed us of a territorial feud between their village and that of a Southern Goblin settlement. It would appear that there is a mythical artifact that they possess, giving them an advantage in the feud. Agreeing to investigate the area but not yet to retrieve the artifact, we retired for the night on the outskirts of the village, adhering to our own sleeping schedules as they began their “daily” routines.

Surely I don’t want this humble village to suffer any Goblin attacks without the ability to defend themselves, but there’s something strange about the matter that deserves investigation prior to action. El Kool seems to agree that we should help, but only in the case that one side has an unfair advantage. Tobias seems relatively withdrawn and Gromyar eager to meet more tradesmen, having wandered off for a bit to chat with their blacksmith. About what, I am unsure.
Despite the heavy rains, we sleep well enough.



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