Chief Swama

The Chieftain of Zikert and Capyd


A middle aged man of rather pale complexion, Chief Swama has been the leader of Zikert and Capyd for almost two decades. He is fairly wary of strangers, and seeks to prevent his people from leaving the jungle through zealous belief in a sun God, and seems to be taking measures to make the jungle village even more insular than it was before. Chief Swama is known to be somewhat oppressive, and has sent dissenters to a prison somewhere in the catacombs beneath his home. Though many citizens of Zikert and Capyd disapprove of the Chief’s zealous religious beliefs and backwards laws his power is upheld by a rather young, but prominent, guard force. Many of the guards he employs aren’t even 16 years old yet, but follow the Chief blindly, having known nothing but his rule for their entire lives.

Still, the Chief appears to have some concern for his village since the burning of Capyd, he has been known to try and recruit travelers for a mission to capture an artifact from the Goblin raiders from outside the jungle, presumably to reawaken the ‘guardians’ of the jungle.

Chief Swama

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