Tobias Carrow

Young, impressionable Toby is learning about his burgeoning magical powers.


STR 7 (-2)
DEX 16 (3)
CON 14 (
INT 16 (3)
WIS 12 (
CHA 18 (+4)

HP 14
AC 13 Touch 13 Flat 10
Fortitude 2
Reflex 3
Will 4

0-level Spells
Acid Splash
Dancing Lights
Mage Hand

1-level Spells
Color Spray
Shocking Grasp


Tobias Carrow was banished from his hometown of Avery at an earlier age than many can claim to be a part of theirs. Magic came naturally to him, and for this he was outcast and feared. He was too young to know what became of his parents when their magic was discovered by the community at large, but he was banished when his own were found out.

Now he travels the world with his friends to discover the true meaning of Christmas! I mean magic.

Tobias Carrow

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